Lino-Jazz – by Robert Richter

Linocuts by legendary jazz musicians (monthly calendar, 14 pages)
Famous stars of jazz. Linocut portraits of some of the greatest jazz musicians. A decorative and aesthetic work of art for your wall. Calvendo calendars are premium products – a little more expensive than others, but with additional advantages: Our calendars always look beautiful on your wall because we produce them on site with high quality paper and an ingenious spiral binding that makes it easy to turn the pages and hang flat on the wall. A protective transparent plastic cover provides extra stability and each calendar is available in five languages. Treat yourself to a Calvendo calendar and get something that looks better all year round.
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The linocuts shown on this page were made by Robert himself.


Born in Munich and raised in Sydney / Australia, Robert Richter got to know the world from two sides at an early age. He got to know the greats of jazz, blues and rock ‘n roll early on. Above all, American television in Australia gives him direct access to the musical culture of this country. The blue notes brought him to teach himself to play the guitar and for many years he pursued the dream of becoming a professional musician. Today he mainly works as a freelance guitar teacher and rarely plays live. But he discovered a new passion – the linocut. What began as a hobby to balance things out quickly turned into a new passion. Portraits of his old idols of the blues accumulated and were enthusiastically received by the audience. In 2019 Robert Richter published a perpetual calendar with the linocuts shown here. Encouraged by the success, he recently published the LINO JAZZ calendar at Calvendo. Further pictures already exist and will be presented in an exhibition in 2021. This journey is only just beginning …..







Live 2020

All concerts have been cancelled due to the Corona-Crisis

NEW: Calendar with Linocuts

Dear customer,

This calendar contains prints of linocuts by old blues musicians. Produced by Robert Richter and also available as print version. It comes in DIN A 3 format ( 29.7 cm x 42.0 cm) on 250 g/m² paper.

Price for postal order € 19.50 plus € 4.90 Postage per copy only within Germany.

For shipping within the EU € 9.00 shipping costs are added, in the US € 16.00 (both without guarantee).

The download is available for the price of € 9,50. Copyright Robert Richter. The artist allows repeated duplication, but asks to respect the intellectual property. All prices include 19% VAT.